Sunday, 1 September 2013

New lines

Two huge boxes arrived at The Hookery on Thursday, stuffed with yarn.  Ahhh, yarn!

After what feels like an age of photographing, listing and tweaking (as well as coffee-drinking, hair-pulling and threatening-the-laptop-with-a-particularly-sharp-crochet-hook) the new lines are now listed and ready to order.  I also gave the homepage a little spruce up.

Hurrah for bright colours!

Yes, yes, but what about the YARN?!

Well... at one end of the spectrum, there's this...

...And at the other, this...

And in between, there are some lovely mixes of fibre and also some cosy autumn shades.

I think this might be my favourite - a wool/alpaca/acrylic mix that's warm, machine washable and available in shades which integrate nicely with my existing wardrobe!

Hit the 'shop!' tab above to go and explore for yourself!

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