Wednesday 31 October 2012

Slow Living 2012 - October

Wow, really? The end of October already? Yikes!  Time really has flown by this month and to be honest, there hasn't been much going on on the Slow Living front. Still, let's see what has been happening here at The Hookery, shall we?


There hasn't been much baking this month. None at all, in fact. This is probably a Good Thing as far as the waistline is concerned. I have still been cooking from scratch though, but I'm not sure whether this counts - I don't know any other way to cook...!

There has been a lot of slow cooker action though and a good number of elastic stews have been made ('elastic' because I dilute the last half portion of whatever it is with boiling water, give it a bit of attention with a potato masher and hey presto! Soup!). The food flask has also been pressed into service this month and it's been fab having a hot homemade lunch at the day job, especially as the office heating only just came on yesterday.

A bad photo of a good soup - slow roast lamb and Mediterranean veg, as I remember...

Ain't done no stockpiling, sorry. Does making Christmas decorations for the shop count?


I haven't been here much this month (more of that anon), so my bins have been delightfully empty. I ate up all the fridge contents before I left for my hols, which meant I didn't even food shop until the 23rd this month!


Last month I swore I was going to make washing powder this month. I failed. I will make it in November. I will!


I haven't done anything new to the garden this month but I am *still* harvesting spinach, rocket, beetroot, carrots and salad onions.  I am pleased about this.  Alas, my basil and thyme plants have got a serious greenfly infestation. I am not pleased about this. Any suggestions for de-bugging them, or are they doomed?


Well, the ripple blanket has grown a bit and some Christmas decorations have been made, but it's been a very quiet month for the crochet hooks, all things considered.


There's a lot to go under this heading. Or rather, one big thing to go under this heading: we went on holidaaaaaay!

The Beloved and I spent just over a week in Scotland and it was HEAVEN! Lots of good food, walking, sight-seeing, reindeer-feeding, castle-visiting and whisky-quaffing.

I have really struggled to readjust to Normal Life since we got back, which is usually a sign that the holiday was somewhat overdue, but I think I've just about caught up and settled back in.

Fingers crossed for a more productive Slow Living post next month...

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  1. I think preparations are preparations. :-)

    AND, as I said before... totally envious of your Scottish Holiday.

    Happy November!

  2. I visited Scotland in April and was instantly in wonderful that you had a week there.

  3. Scotland and reindeer and whisky, oh my! Sounds like a wonderful holiday. I'm envious too.

  4. Elastic stews? I love the idea and will put it to good use here, thanks for the idea. I am so jealous of your Scottish holiday, it's one of the places on my bucket list to see.

  5. How lucky are you to holiday in Scotland!! Glorious pictures.

    Oh, and I like your definition of elastic stews! ;)

  6. Hello Claire, greetings from Norway! I found your blog through Google and have now read my way from the first post up until now. I really like what I've read! Love your outdoor space,love-love the crochet, love the slow living and L-O-V-E your cats! I will link to you on my blog because yours is one I'll definitely follow :) Take care!

  7. Thank you all for your comments - definitely recommend Scotland in October. End of the season, so quite at the distilleries (!), the midges have gone and the Autumn colours in places like Glencoe are stunning.

    *waves in general direction of Norway - somewhere else that's on my 'to visit' list*

  8. How clever, stew into soup. I'll have to keep that in mind for next winter. We're now into salad season.

    Love the blanket.

    The holiday sounds and looks spectacular.