Sunday, 9 September 2012

The two-year cushion

It doesn't usually take me so long to finish a cushion cover.  Honest.  No really, I can prove it.  It's just that this cushion is made from all the scraps of yarn that are leftover from making cloths and scrubbies for Scrubbitty.  I have a little bag in which I collect yarn ends that are too short to use for anything, and one day I will use them to stuff something, I'm sure.  I also keep those bits that are leftover at the end of the ball.  The bits that are too long to go in the scrap bag and too short to make a Whole Thing out of.  So one day, not long after I started Scrubbitty, I decided to make a Whole Thing out of lots and lots of bits.

Here it is in my rocking chair (yes, I have a rocking chair).  And from the back...

I didn't plan any of the colours, it was just what I picked out of the box first.  Towards the end, I did have to try 'save' some of the stronger colours as I seemed to be left with a lot of pastels, but otherwise it was totally serendipitous.

Truth be told, I can't quite believe it's finished.  It's just always been there, you know? I also can't believe I haven't mentioned it before.  But then, I am awash with half-finished crochet projects. This one has been quite a nice one to have lurking in the background but if you're planning on making your own, be prepared for an epic amount of sewing in. Oh, and although it may look like it's fastened with buttons...'s not! *laughs like Muttley*  I wasn't totally happy with the way buttons came out on the last cushion, and I couldn't face working out where to place the buttonholes and where my scraps of yarn might overlap.  So I didn't bother.

Really Ooman?  Another crochet cushion...?
I think it fits in quite well here at The Hookery.


  1. I think that cushion is perfect, you could be on to something, scrappy crochet cushions! perfect.

  2. I love your cushion, the colour mix is fantastic. I'm sure if you set out to carefully design a "random" pattern it wouldn't have come out as well as that!

  3. Your cushion cover is amazing, I love it! :-) The fake buttons are very clever. Might have to steal that idea!

    Abigail x

  4. Yeah, I really struggle to do 'random' on purpose, it would never have turned out like this if I'd done it in one sitting! I definitely recommend the fake buttons - if you do it as an overlap like I did on this one, put a row of studs across the top of the cushion which are totally hidden and then a couple on the overlap at the corners. Keeps it all looking very neat :)

  5. I seem to be always looking at ways to use the scraps. I really like your cushion. It has a very nice effect.