Thursday, 17 May 2012

Bath III

Welcome to the last instalment of what I got up to in Bath, which is really 'what I bought in Bath', and I suspect, the bit you're most interested in.  Snuggled away down a side street, we came across The Makery.  It's a cute little shop absolutely rammed with button, ribbons, fabric and stuff fabric-y sewing-y peeps will love.  When I walked through the door, I was greeted with an almighty table of buttons.  Heaven.

Excuse the slight blur, by now I was shaking with anticipation

I managed to resist the buttons, but I did come away with some fat quarters, mainly justified by the fact that one of them had robots on, and another had trucks on.  It's so hard to find designs for boys.  We'll skip over the small detail of me not actually having children.  Or being able to quilt.

I picked up some new tailor's chalk as I recently smashed mine and have been fiddling with the shards whenever I sew.  I also bought a few spools, some big oak ones and some smaller (pine?) ones.  Then I bought this:

I am totally and utterly smitten with it.  It's a bit difficult to see, as it's cream and all our walls are light colours, but you can click on the image for a better view.  Sadly, after carrying it around Bath very carefully all day without incident, I got on the 390 bus here in London for the last leg of my journey and was almost bounced down the bus when the driver decided to try a racing start.  One of the prongs broke off my beloved spool rack.  Why can't bus drivers wait until people are sitting?  It wasn't rush hour and I was the only person getting on a bus which had about three passengers.  Grr!  Anyway, I still have the prong if anyone has any ideas how best to reattach it.  It's made of plastic-coated wire, a bit like clothes horses.  I suspect it may require more than a dab of superglue.

So there you go.  Bath.,  Well worth a visit.  Just be careful getting on a London bus with precious objects.

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