Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Bath II

As promised, here's a bit more of what we got up to in Bath.  For a small town, there's an awful lot to see and do.

Decisions, decisions...

We plumped for the Jane Austen Centre and lots of tea.  I can recommend it.  The Centre has a little tour which starts with an explanation of why Jane Austen went to Bath, the connection between the town, the author and her novels and then you're directed through a little exhibition and told to take as many photos as you like.  What a refreshing change!  There are lots of wonderful costumes out on display.

A somewhat irresistible welcome sign

At the end, there's a cute little gift shop where I bought a poster of ladies' fashions from 1805 - 1835.  It's on the wall above me as I type.  It wasn't until we were leaving though that I spotted this sign:

It did make me wonder about their priorities...

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