Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Wow, a whole week without a blog post!  In my defense, I've not been here.  Well, only briefly to throw one bag of clothes in the washing machine, pack another bag and zoom off again.  It's been a rather lovely week all told.  It started out in beautiful Bath and ended in lovely Ludlow.  It may take two or three posts for me to tell you all about it.

Bath was first.  A couple of friends and I were there for the bank holiday weekend and my goodness, we were lucky with the weather!  With the exception of one good soaking, it only rained while we were in tea shops.  And Bath has tea shops a-plenty.

We didn't actually go in to the Roman Baths, a shocking decision for one with a Classics background, I know, but we were really, really tired by then.  We did go and peer at one of the pools through the window in the tearooms there though (that counts, right?).  The tearooms themselves were rather fantastic. A big, light airy room, a pianist, people having afternoon teas served on towering serving plates overflowing with petite sandwiches and perfect cakes.  I had a pot of tea and a millionaires shortbread.  There was nothing petite about it, I can tell you!

The fork is there for scale.  It wasn't a dessert fork.  What you can't really see in the picture, is how thick it was.  I was on the verge of loosening my belt when we left...!

The other wonderful thing about Bath is the architecture.  It really is a beautiful town with curving regency terraces and a stunning abbey.  The camera had quite a workout, but here are the best from the abbey:

 The height of cathedrals and the like always wows me when I'm inside.  They really are an amazing feat of engineering.

 There's a beautifully carved set of doors

Lots and lots of incredibly colourful stained glass

And a spectacular ceiling.

This isn't all I got up to.  I'll share a bit more tomorrow.

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  1. not sure which I envy you more - the tea rooms or the cathedral! Lovely pics.