Saturday, 24 July 2010


Not so long ago, I bought some felt from Lupin Handmade.  I also have a fair old stash of fabric - some big bits, which will one day be skirts, some smaller bits which are left over from past attacks of skirt making.  Now, when I first started selling online, it was never my intention to sell only crocheted things.  Somehow the hooks took over though.

Anyway, the felt... it has totally reminded me of my sewing love.  Not so long ago, I settled down with the pile of felt, the button jar, some embroidery thread and a wee dram (my most creative moments usually benefit from a little lubrication) and made this...

It's a small coin purse and you can see more pictures of it here.  I've been using it ever since and have finessed the design and making process in my mind so that I have a whole range of new products just waiting to be made.  My notebook is stuffed with designs for purses, pouches, patches and christmas decorations (I know, but the early bird gets the worm, right?).  Look out for them in Eidelweiss in the near future!


  1. What a lovely purse! I too am having a wee dram whilst looking at Folksy and blogs. Will probably start the giggles in a minute - it doesn't take much 'dram' to set me off!

  2. Haha! I've learnt from experience not to 'browse' Folksy whilst drinking. Usually wake up the next day with an empty bank account!