Friday 23 July 2010

Sneak preview

I have been a bad blogger.  Sorry.  I don't really have an excuse - will you forgive me?

By way of an apology, let me show you what I've been up to.  It's been kind of busy here at The Hookery and thoughts have been turning to winter (my ginger hair/pale northern skin combo can't cope with summer).  With this in mind I've been creating a few winter woollies for Eidelweiss.

Five balls of Jaeger merino 4 ply (crocheted 5 stranded) were used to make this snug snood...

It's a rather tasty sage colour (honest) with wooden toggles and I love the basket-weave appearance of the stitches.  It's made to be worn either open, or with the toggles done up through the stitches to be completely closed. 

There's also a red, ribbed version...

I just need to buy some more toggles to finish it.  The yarn used for this is great - it's a wool and linen mix.  The wool is red with a paler linen fibre wrapped around the yarn.  It feels gorgeous.  If I could wear red, I'd be making myself one.  Happily, I have the same yarn in green... :)

And finally, something for those who can't wear wool.  I fancied making something different and happened to have some purple 'summer tweed' (70% silk, 30% cotton) on hand .  And so it was, that the spiral scarf was born...

There are also a couple of WIP's sitting next to me.  Another bag in nice big blue stripes and a baby blanket/lap rug in zig-zag stripes, but they are for another post. 


  1. *drool* Love that sage coloured one! Love all of them of course, but particularly the sage one :)

  2. Thanks Ali! I've got just enough yarn to make another sage one. Still not sure whether #2 will make it into the shop or into my wardrobe!