Sunday 2 May 2010

By hook or by crook

This is the first in a series of posts dedicated to some Folksters who helped me find a name for this blog.  In the end, 'The Hookery' came to me after cuppa No.2, but I see no reason to waste all their brainwork so I thought I'd do a few posts based on their suggested titles.  The Onestoppampershop (who makes some rather delicious flavoured candles) suggested 'by hook or by crook', which kind of describes the general feeling of last Thursday...

My brother gave me a picture frame for Christmas.  It's quite a nice one - turquoise, slightly retro-ish but more importantly, not a standard size!  Anyway, it's a lovely colour and I've been wanting to hang it for ages.  Its time had come.  It was going on the wall this week.  Definitely.  Absolutely.  No question about it.

My first thought on opening it was 'that'll look great with a black and white photo in it.'  So eventually (four months later) I got round to getting prints made of these...

Both pictures of Felix, who can be a bit awkward to photograph.  She usually looks grumpy as hell.

Anyway... got prints.  Got prints chopped to size.  Got home.  Realised frame had no hanging method on the back.  Managed to contruct complicated hanging method out of ribbon and a well-placed knot.  Hurrah!

Just as I was putting it all together, I broke the glass.  Bugger.

So then I put the whole thing aside and concentrated on something else.  Later that night, after a large glass of whiskey and an hour or so with the button jar...

Tadaa!  Not going to win any prizes, but I like it and it means my non-standard-sized frame can finally go on the wall. 

Now all I need are two brightly-coloured frames for the non-standard-sized prints.  *Sigh....*


  1. Lovely, good bit of cheerful improvisation there! Your Felix pics still need to get framed too though - I love the close-up shot. x

  2. Thanks Oddsox! My bro has just told me where he got it, so I'll be off to the shops for more after the bank hol.