Thursday 13 May 2010


I've been wrestling with it for a while now.  It's tricky trying to unite everything under one banner and homewares is quite varied.  Too varied, as it happens.  In a recent post, Folksy admin explained that homewares was the second biggest category after jewellery. 

I think I've been extremely lucky.  I've been selling on Folksy for about 6 or 7 weeks now and I've had 10 sales.  Only one of those was to someone I know.  All of those sales have been either wash cloths or cat toys.  So my thinking is that I will split my shop up and concentrate on two specific areas of the homewares section - cats (or rather, pets) and cleaning.  The cloths sell well and the cat toys are fun to make.  It also makes the branding a lot easier and I think a brand is sometimes easier to promote than an item. 

What's more, it means that I get to keep some knick knack nests (which to be honest, I need) and the bunting and the cosies (which to be honest, I want).  Hurrah!  It does however mean a lot of work setting these shops up, making banners, avatars, getting cards printed and all the rest.  It might also mean a wee yarn destash...

Hmmm... that essay on the importance of a collection management policy might get swept under the rug for a little longer (did I mention I was doing a part-time MSc in all things library-ish?).

Cloths...coming soon to a shop of their own!


  1. Branding....You've given me a bit of an education on this one. Also, what is "Folksy" and how do I sell there?

  2. Hi, Folksy is an online marketplace for handmade goods. Anyone can buy from there (provided the seller ships globally) but only sellers based in the UK can sell on Folksy. Etsy is a similar site and based in the US (with a much bigger global audience). You can sell on Etsy wherever you are. Hope that helps!