Friday 14 May 2010

Folksy Friday

Beggars Bowl
Pixielated Lupin
Charlys Gems AmyOrangeJuice

Finally got my act together and produced a Folksy Friday.  I like orange.  I like it very much.  Being a redhead, I don't get to wear it all that often though, so I thought I'd indulge here instead.


  1. Orange is a yummy, happy colour! I love it too.
    Gorgeous picks, Alison Deegan's work is beautiful.

  2. What a bright sunny collection - lovely!

  3. A fantastic collection - but poo, oooowh! * sulky face * I wanted to do an orange FF

    - slouches off, muttering under fringe -

    Sorry : ) I LOVE orange, and all the things here, 'specially the magpie and the poppy . lovely things.

    PS My lovely cloth is keeping my face clean and scrubbed. Thank you.

  4. Well done on your first Folksy Friday, a great selection to brighten a rainy day.
    Have a lovely weekend.