Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Out with the old: in with the new

It's been jolly busy here at Hookery HQ over the past few days and there would appear to be newness everywhere.

For starters, you can now sign up to a Hookery Newsletter. Oo-er! There's a doofah on the right there to enter your email address.

What else...? I met the nice salesman from Rico yesterday (who is new) and we spent the morning looking at new yarn samples. I ordered a lot (nothing new there...), so look out for them popping up on the website in the coming weeks.

Ah yes, the website. Never leave your web editor open on your laptop while you go to make tea. Especially if there happens to be a cat in the room. I came back to find cat #2 stretched across the laptop, batting the mouse with his paws. The website was in total disarray, so... you see, the website has been re-jiggled. I've been meaning to do it for ages, so I suppose I should be grateful to Hector for forcing my hand. And as you can see from the screenshot above: I'm now offering free UK shipping on orders over £50. That's new!

Whilst in the midst of my tweakings, I finally got round to listing various bits and pieces that I should have added a long time ago. If you were at Yarndale, you may have picked up some pompom makers, knitting dolls, crochet kits or sock stop at the stall. These are all now on the website. Also, a bunch of new colours have been added to existing lines. There are new colours in the Creative Cotton Aran, the Baby Classic DK, the Twist Super Chunky and the Creative Melange Chunky.

As you know, The Hookery is run out of my sewing room...

*looks guiltily at pile of yarn in the living room* new lines on order mean that old lines have to budge up and make some room. There's an end of season sale on a variety of yarns and all the patterns. Prices start at 99p for individual patterns, so get over there and grab a bargain while stocks last!

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