Monday, 2 July 2012

Problems with pink

I promised to come back and show you how the granny cushion turned out.  That was ages ago, wasn't it?  Sorry.  We've had rainy days here with the occasional burst of sunshine and every time the light's been great, I've been dealing with Other Things.  Anyway, enough is enough and I have embraced the camera flash so that I can finally share the granny cushion with you.

I had originally intended to repeat the pink in the border, but it just didn't look right.  Then I decided I'd use pink buttons to echo the pink centres to the squares and that didn't look right either.  In the end, I had to step away from the pink.  I went for grey buttons and a blue and green border instead.

If I'm totally honest, I'm not altogether happy with the buttons.  I wish I'd either used smaller ones or only made three button holes.  Having aleady frogged the border once and replaced the buttons once, I had had enough though.  

Also, the buttons are left over from a long-dead H&M cardigan and the button jar had nothing else to offer in grey.  And I do like the grey.  It goes fabulously well with the pistachio.  The rest of the cushion I love.  The colour scheme is very me - I am a greeny-bluey person.  For those who are interested, I used Rico Creative Cotton for this project in the following shades:

80 White
44 Pistachio
37 Sky Blue
64 Candy Pink

I reckon I used a ball of each and two balls of the white. The granny square pattern (circle in a square) can be found on Sucrette's blog.


  1. Lovely and I so agree with your final choice.

  2. loving that colour combination - the pink shines more with the blue/pistachio to edge, delish

  3. Thank you! In real life, the colours are a bit more subdued and less smack-you-in-the-eye than they appear here.