Monday, 18 June 2012

Settling in

I said in my last post that the cats had coped very well with the move.  They are however, like me, still settling in.  While I'm still finding the best arrangement of things in my teeny-weeny kitchen and wondering whether I might invest in a small table and chairs for the yard, they are finding the best hidey holes, the best places to sprawl (currently at the top of the stairs), the best viewing points (also on the stairs) and the best sunbathing spots.  Happily, once the sun moves round to the back of the cottage, there are a few nice sun spots to sunbathe in.  They found and tried most of them this weekend.

There's a nice toasty  spot on the stairs.

I left both cat beds stacked by the back door (which is all glass).  Felix was quick to monopolise. Then we moved outside.

Felix likes her creature comforts

Hector is more rustic in his sunbathing preferences.  I think he likes being almost camoflaged against the concrete.

And I got on with a bit of crochet.  I started it one evening.  I didn't intend to make a granny square, it just sort of happened when I saw the colours next to each other in one of the yarn baskets.  I played around for a bit trying to get the ideal circle in a square, then remembered that Sucrette has a pattern on her blog.  Perfect!

Before I knew it, I had 18 squares and a use for one of the two cushion pads I keep moving from place to place. 

I spent a happy hour or so outside joining them all.  I just need to put a border round the each set of nine squares, crochet them together and add buttons.  I'll (hopefully) be back soon with pics of the finished article.

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