Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Half way

It's July. The year is half way through and consequently, so is the weather blanket. 

The weather has definitely picked up. I've got a definite splotch of darker blue from a week of glorious weather which had everyone stretched out on their sun loungers while the ginger among us bathed in factor 50 and clung to the trees in search of shade.

Seeing it spread out across the back of the sofa, it seems to have grown almost out of nowhere. I jot down the colour in the diary each day and then at the weekend, I spend an hour or so (depending on how many weeks I've got to catch up) adding to the blanket.

I'm very much enjoying it. I admit, it looks a bit weird and the spread of colours is maybe a bit odd at first glance. 

I think the first days of 2015 might have to be taken up with embroidering a little patch to explain exactly what it is.


  1. I've been waiting for this as your Weather Blanket project has interested me enormously. Thanks for showing how it looks now. I still want to do one for 2015!