Tuesday, 11 February 2014


I like grey. Along with green, blue and brown, it's a ginger girl's best friend.

But, you know, there's a time and a place for everything. Even grey.

We should be up to our knees in fluffy white snow by now, not wading through floods under grey, rainy skies. So, in an effort to combat the misery of said grey, rainy skies, there's 15% off all chunky yarns in the shop until 28 February, just enter the code SOGGY at the checkout.

If you're feeling the cold, I suggest some Twist Super Chunky. If you're looking for man-friendly shades, have a look at the Creative Melange, and if you need something bright and cheerful, you definitely need some Essentials (yes, ESSENTIAL!) Super Super Chunky in your yarn basket.  There are other lines in the promotion, anything with the word 'chunky' in the title has 15% off with the code.

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