Friday, 29 November 2013


It's that time of year again. Somewhere in the UK, there has been snow and so now, every morning I make a little wish before I open the curtains. So far, every morning I've been disappointed. To be fair, November is a bit early for it here. Ah well, I can dream...

And I can also crochet my own snow. Well, snowflakes. If you follow me on FB, Twitter or IG, you may have seen these already.

They're also in the shop and have been a delight to make. I'm taking a batch with me to a Christmas fair tomorrow (if you're local to Watford/Rickmansworth/Croxley Green, come say hello at the Malvern Way Infants' School Christmas Fair!).

Anyway, I was up early this morning making more snowflakes and got a bit distracted...

I wonder where this might lead...?

PS - this is my first time blogging from my phone. Not sure how this will turn out. Apologies if it's awful. Will check/correct as soon as am at PC. x

PPS - when I was little, I used to tape a ruler to my window so I'd know how much snow had fallen. Did anyone else do this? Is it acceptable to do this when you're in your thirties? 

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  1. The ruler thing is brilliant! Probably obligatory now you have made it public. Updates on how many cm please? x