Monday 14 October 2013

Single man WLTM yarny type for knitty fun

This is Karl.

He's a knitting doll.

Along with a group of other knitting dolls, he went to Yarndale.  

All of Karl's friends found new friends at Yarndale.

None of Karl's friends returned.

Karl is all alone.

Very alone.

Rejection is tough for a small wooden knitting doll, and to be honest, Karl isn't taking it well.

If you can offer a loving home to a slightly depressed, broken-hearted knitting doll who's struggling to deal with rejection, you can find him here.

1 comment:

  1. Poor Karl ! I hope he finds a home very soon !
    I love your sense of humour, I wish google hadn't got rid of 'google reader'
    It's ages since I caught up with peoples blogs, let alone my own ! And with Pinterest on the scene the time just flies by !