Saturday, 26 October 2013

Back on Folksy

I used to sell on Folksy. Ages ago. I had two shops: one sold Scrubbitty cloths and the other sold general homewares and accessories. At the time, one shop was the only one to stock crocheted dishcloths and the other listed the only mug cosy on Folksy (I know because I checked, and back then, the search worked).

Anyway, various things changed and early on this year. Folksy no longer felt like such a good 'fit' for me and what I was selling, so I decided to let my listings expire and concentrate on the yarn. I think that was the right decision. The yarn is ticking along nicely (thank you, lovely customers) and it now feels like time to revive the handmade side of things.

I was going to host the items myself on my own domain, but trust me, that is a lot of effort for items which are often one-offs, so earlier this week, I had a peep at Folksy. It looks a lot better. It looks worth the annual investment of £45 for a 'plus' shop, because a 'plus' shop, frankly, looks ace. It also seems that lots of the backstage functionality which sellers had been crying out for has finally arrived.

So there it is. I considered reopening Eidelweiss and Scrubbitty, but only the latter really had a strong identity and the new shops allow you to build collections of product lines - perfect! I'm slowly filling it with listings, some of which are brand new, some are tried and trusted favourites. Let's see how it goes this time round, eh?

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  1. Congrats Claire! Best of luck for the shop :)