Sunday 15 September 2013

Skelly Fish Giveaway

Earlier this week I made mention of a giveaway, didn't I?  Skelly Fish I has seen some pretty serious action, ranging from cuddles and love from Cat #2, to a full-on beating from Cat #1. You can see Cat #1 putting Skelly Fish through its paces here...

Skelly Fish III has been neatly packaged up and labelled ready for Yarndale, so that just leaves Skelly Fish II.

While Cat #1 assures me she can manage both toys at once, I think Skelly Fish II would actually make a nice giveaway.

So, if you'd like to get your paws on the fish shown above, just leave me a comment telling me the name of your cat.  I'll pick the lucky winner next Monday using the random number generator thingy.  I'm happy to post overseas so anyone can enter.

PS - If you're wondering why there seems to be a Skelly Fish dynasty, the answer is the post where I explained the making of Skelly Fish :)


  1. Our Cats are
    MOLLY (aka the Moll Monster, Kitten)
    LILLY (aka Fluffy trousers, Lil', Lu-Lu)

    they get very excitable around 10pm & 5am.

    Both are extremely fussy about food.

    Sadly, next doors Ellie (aka Ellie Welly Woo - a british Blus short haor pedigree) died this week. We (Betty, Me & Molly) miss her terribly.

    Lilly (her arch nemesis) is still busy dancing and weeing on the grave.

    Funny little buggers #CATS.

    best wishes to Baz from Jimmy the Lip

  2. My cat is Mitzi who is a Norwegian Forest cross with a yarn fixation, and an uncanny ability to cover everything in fluff.
    hope all is good!

  3. My mum's cat is William and he is a black and white shorthaired sweetheart x

  4. We have Lila and Mia here, they think Skelly looks lots of fun!