Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Simple happy

A few things that have made me a jolly happy girl lately...

Shelves. They are appearing all over the house.  This is a good thing, especially these ones in the kitchen.  Everything on those shelves was previously in a heap on the floor.  It's nice to see it all neat and tidy.

Garden snacks.  I only have two strawberry plants (I'm not actually a big fan of strawberries.  I know. Shocking...) but they are currently in overdrive.  Even I can appreciate the joys of sun-warmed strawberries scoffed straight off the plant. Mmmm :)

And speaking of the garden, things are are all a-bloom.  The odd sweet pea survived The Move and I keep catching hints of their gorgeous perfume on the breeze.  Elsewhere, frothy clouds of lobelia are bursting forth in a beautiful blue that's almost the exact same colour of the sky.

Meanwhile, indoors, the Shelves of Yarny Temptation beckon every time I get to the top of the stairs.

Simple things. Happy things.

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