Wednesday 8 May 2013

Chequerboard love

Sometimes, it's the simplest designs that make me smile.  A while ago I ordered some lovely bamboo yarn from Rico which comes in only a few colours, but all of them quite strong.  None of the yarn has made it into the shop yet, because I can't stop playing with it. I'm currently a bit in love with simple chequerboard-style blankets.

Bright, strong, punchy colours that make me think of summer. Perfect for picnics, caravans and snuggling round campfires of an evening.

I'm making them in two sizes: small, like the cot-sized one above, and large, like the one below which is so nearly finished:

As well as the bold blue and summery coral, there's a rich grass-green in my yarn pile which will be heading for Blanketland too.

Problem is, every time I try do a bit more work on one of them, someone steals my seat...

There's been a spot of in-the-garden crochet, but it's a bit too easy to snooze in the sun and that, although enjoyable, isn't really productive.  Much better to tempt cat #1 out to sunbathe...

Does anyone else's cat refuse to sit outside if the door is closed behind them?  Thankfully I live on a quiet lane in a quiet place, so leaving the door open is pretty safe but as much as she likes the front door step, as soon as I close the door she starts wailing until I open it.

Have you been out enjoying the sun?  Got any summer projects planned?  Or maybe you've got a contrary cat too?

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