Tuesday, 12 March 2013


It's been a funny old few days at The Hookery. We had such a beautiful start to last week with warmth and sunshine and all the farmers busy in the fields round about so that the smell of freshly-turned earth was in the air. There was no doubt about it: spring had sprung. Or so I thought.

Fast forward one week and the temperatures have plummeted. This is the view outside my office today:

Pale blue skies and bobbles of cloud. It looks like it could be spring. It's not. It's FREEZING. It's the type of cold that slices through you, that makes the world seem brittle and crisp. The type of cold I usually like. In December.

Having had a glimpse of the spring weather last week, even I, lover of snow and ice that I am, am ready for some sunshine and warmth now. I treated myself to some freesias. Every morning I take a good sniff of their fresh, slightly peppery fragrance before I open the door and try to convince myself that this is the last day of cold.  It's a serious effort of will.

On the other hand, if I get a move on with the knitting, I'll at least get some wear out of those scarves this side of summer...


  1. I know exactly how you are feeling. It was so gorgeous out this past weekend, I was even able to sit outside for lunch and enjoy watching the sights. Today I headed out to find it was only 33 and definitely not what I wanted.

    1. Yep, it's the to-ing and fro-ing, and not just a little bit, but from balmy to freezing. It's driving me nuts. Hope it warms up for you (and stays that way) soon!