Friday 1 March 2013

Slow Living 2013 - February

Once again, I'm taking part in the Slow Living roundup. You can read everyone's posts here. Here's my February, as usual, I've just skipped the headings I don't have anything for...


Erm, well, let's see. There has been some pretty serious muffin action here at The Hookery this month. Blueberry muffins, lemon muffins, lemon and sultana muffins, lemon and poppy seed muffins, lemon curd-filled lemon muffins and apple and sultana muffins. The  recipe for the latter is here.

In fact, I have baked so much, my scales have broken :(

It's also been a good month for the slow cooker, butternut squash and bacon soup and a sausage casserole being particularly good.


There hasn't been any foody preparation going on here, but I have finally knuckled down to start thinking about Yarndale in September. It's a long way away still, but crochet takes a lot of time and there's only me working on all this. I have (I think) settled on what I want to take along with me so now I just need to sit down and getting hooking!


Well, following on from the last heading, I've been plodding on with the mutant blanket and started putting some squares together to make the blissful blanket. I need to press on with them to clear some space for stock-making for Yarndale. They can't be on hold until September. They just can't!

Other projects, like the daisy meadow blanket and the e-reader cover, have just mushroomed into being. I must sit down and write a tutorial or two for these.

The knitting is still there. Still growing. Just very slowly.


I feel like I've seen a lot of my friends this month, both near and far, planned and spur-of-the-moment.  Is there anything more enjoyable?

The house has also been filled with daffodils. The blast of colour is most welcome and I have so enjoyed having little vases of sunshine on the windowsills. I am now properly ready for Spring!


So last month I said I'd lose half a stone. Well, it was going very well until the muffin-attack happened. Then it slowed somewhat. Still, I'm 4lbs down and that is fine by me. I think I'll banish the remaining 3lbs in March - evenings are lighter which makes going for a run easier. I'll also start making stock for Yarndale. So there you go. March resolutions: running and stock-making.


  1. I love the daisy meadow blanket - so summery to look at :-)

  2. I think the mutant blanket turned out very well, in the end. I remember seeing a photo of it on the bed, though I might not have commented at the time (ipads and blogger dont get along very well - I had to wait till I was sitting at the computer). I love the colour of the daisy blanket too - very pretty.

  3. That daisy meadow blanket is VERY cute! I cant knit and I certainly cant crochet -(wrong kind of brain I think) and so I really admire what you do. I have just noticed a parallel though. I'm making quilts at the moment. Same objective (to keep warm) but different techniques! - Kara

  4. I love reading about all of your baked good... and your daffodils are still cheering me up. :-)

  5. Thank you for all the blanket love :) It's (finally) a nice springlike, sunny day here. Feels like there'll be real (as opposed to forced) daffodils out on the roadside to look at soon and I can't wait!