Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A Blissful Blanket

Whilst digging around in the stash the other day, I found a bag full of granny squares that I had totally forgotten about (you do this too, right? Right?).

Interestingly, they are a similar colour scheme to the ripple blanket (blue, green, pink and red), but toned down a little for a more vintage-y feel. I dimly remembered the yarn as being an aran weight tweed by Debbie Bliss, so I ordered a neutral shade (oatmeal) and started joining them up. There were a few scraps of the coloured yarn in the bag too, so I've added a few more squares to the collection.

There's a long way to go yet. I had originally thought to just join what I had, make enough squares to fill any gaps and then add a big enough border to make it a lap blanket. Having worked on it a bit, I'm getting rather fond of it. I might go for a full blanket (although given the eye-watering price of the yarn, I'll stop at single bed-sized!).

The square above is my favourite. It looks quite pale and maybe a bit dull compared to it's neighbour with it's splash of red, but I like it. I am resisting the urge to make more of these squares. There's something about working with a restricted palette that I find quite appealing. It forces you to think a little about where the colours go.

I'm joining them in no particular order, picking them out of the bag without looking and adding them to the blanket. I only swap them if I pick out two the same (only happened once so far). I'm hoping the squares with red in them get a truly random distribution.

Whatever happens, it is NOT going back under the bed in a carrier bag. No. Absolutely not!


  1. Can't say I ever forgot about a project I had that much time and energy invested in. It's looking good, I wouldn't stash it away either, and I'm sure we will have enough cold weather to get a few uses out of it this winter yet.

    1. I know, it seems strange, doesn't it? I think it happens when you start something even more time- and energy-consuming before you finish the first project. I am an obsessive compulsive crochet starter, that I'll admit!