Tuesday, 4 December 2012

All wrapped up

I don't mean to brag, but I have done my Christmas shopping. All of it. I do still have a little bit of Christmas making to finish off, but the buying is done. I've even wrapped my presents. For the last few years I have ditched the bright, patterned wrapping paper in favour of something plain and tied with a nice ribbon. This has worked wonders on the ribbon stash that was threatening to overrun the cupboards!

This year, I'm going for red kraft paper and some funky tape that I bought a while ago from Summersville. I think they're looking rather smart, no?

I do like red white and turquoise as a colour scheme. In one of the further corners of my mind, there's a blanket in those colours just waiting to be made...


  1. That looks so nice, you can brag, I too finished my shopping yesterday! It's nice to have it out of the way and just try to enjoy the days leading up to Christmas

    1. Definitely! I think I would actually pay good money not to have to go near the shops in December! Much nicer to sit back and soak up the fun :)