Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Curtain ties

Ordinarily, I would wait until finishing a big project before I started playing with the leftover scraps of yarn to see what I could make.  Not this time. I ran out of yarn for the ripple blanket (oops!) and while waiting for more to arrive, the lovely colours were just too much to resist.

Sadly, not everything at The Hookery is as colourful as I would like it to be. Take my downstairs curtains for example: they're brown and suede-y. I hate them. My little living room can get quite dark as the enormo-hedge in the lane blocks out a lot of light, so brown upholstery is a no-no. They're not mine though and I can't justify buying new curtains for the living room and I don't have anything in the fabric box in enough quantities to make new curtains. For now, the brown will have to stay. No reason they can't have funky curtain ties though, eh?

Yarn scraps + beads rescued from a broken necklace = one bunting curtain tie!

Yes, *one* bunting curtain tie. I got distracted before I could make the other, but I'll write the up the pattern as I make the second one and post it here in case anyone else is cursed with drab curtains.

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