Thursday, 13 September 2012

Twisted tweble scarf

In my last post, I promised you a pattern, didn't I?  Well, here it is.  If you've been practising the crossed treble stitch, you've probably already made half of this without even thinking about it...

I wrote this specifically for the Rico Twist Super Chunky yarn, as it's a perfect scarf-y, snood-y yarn and great for quick projects.  This project is all about instant gratification.

Let's get going then, shall we?  You will need...

A big fat crochet hook (10mm), a big fat knitter's needle (it's the needle that's fat, please don't go pinching needles from chubby knitters...) and some big fat yarn.  One and a half balls of Rico's Twist Super Chunky does the job nicely.  The shade shown in the picture is light grey, if you were wondering.

You'll eventually need a pair of scissors, oh, and these...

Well, not all of them, just four or five.  And make them large ones.

Gauge really doesn't matter for this pattern so to begin (using UK terms), chain 49.

Row 1: DC in second CH from hook.  DC in each stitch to end of row. 48 stitches.

Row 2: CH 3 (chain counts as first stitch). Skip next DC, TR in next stitch. TR in the skipped stitch to create a crossed treble.  Continue to last stitch. One TR in final stitch. 48 stitches.

Rows 3-10: repeat as for rows 1 and 2.

Row11: CH 1, DC in each stitch across. 48 stitches

Weave in ends.

There. that didn't take long, did it?  Now you should have something that looks like a very short, very thick scarf.  At one end, it should look a bit like this: 

Hurrah! Ready-made button holes!

You can either attach a row of buttons up the other side, or like me, put four in a (sort of) square. 

When it comes to choosing your buttons, go large my friend, go large.  The ones shown here are about an inch in diameter and are only just big enough really.  Bigger would be better.  I'll be swapping them when I find four big 'uns that I like.

I was going to show the scarf worn in a variety of styles.  I started with it just on a hanger, but it looked a bit naff.  Then I put it on me.  It still looked a bit naff - who wears a chunky woolly scarf and a t-shirt?  Then I put a coat on me, and it looked a bit better...

It's not out of focus, that blurriness is proof I was melting...
But as you can see from my expression, I'd made a big mistake.  On the day I took this, it was hot. Really hot.  And there I was in my bathroom (best natural light) wearing a tweed jacket and a very thick woolly scarf. Error. 

I really can't face putting it back on again (and again and again and again).  Trust me, if you're creative enough to make this, you're creative enough to work out the myriad different ways of wearing it.  As soon as the temperature drops, I'll be wearing it non-stop.  It's a lovely soft yarn courtesy of the alpaca content (20% alpaca, 80% acrylic) and grey is a ginger girl's best friend.

Oh, and to celebrate finally getting round to writing up a pattern and then nearly giving myself heatstroke, let's have a promo shall we?  So long as you've got a ball of the Twist Super Chunky in your basket, enter TWISTED12 at the checkout and get 20% off your entire yarn order for the whole of September.




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