Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Name that NUNO

Remember my post about NUNOs? The unfinished projects which are Neither Use Nor Ornament? I may have found the NUNO of all NUNOs.  This:

I have no idea what it is, or what its intended purpose may have been.  It's just a square (probably 30x30cm) of starburst stitch.  It's also in need of blocking.

I do really want to do something with it, to give it purpose and (most importantly) not either frog it or put it back in the bag until later. So, dear readers, any suggestions?*

*Please don't say cushion cover - I have so may already....


  1. A little late, but maybe a wash cloth (unoriginal) or use as wrapping for a gift.
    Maybe after blocking it, it could be placed on a table with a dish on top of it.

    What did you decide?

  2. Shamefully, it's still in the basket. I hadn't thought of making it a thing to put things on though, that's brilliant! *runs off and starts pinning and spraying crochet*