Friday 21 September 2012

Fancy a walk?

I got home early the other day and it was just too nice to sit indoors. Or indeed, to sit still.  Happily, there are lots and lots of public footpaths through the fields round about, perfect for a late afternoon stroll...

Don't mind the cows, but do watch where you put your feet. I'd hate for you to step in Something Nasty...

There's some good eating in the hedgerows at the moment!

In fact, I spent so long picking fruit, the sun had started to set over the stubble fields.

Who left that there?  The cottage is at the bottom of this overgrown path.  I'd have shown you where, but when I got there I was welcomed enthusiastically by a neighbour's dog and I quite forgot to take a snap. There were pats and strokes and tummy-rubs instead.  The dog got some attention too (kidding!).  Ah well, next time.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous sky to be walking under ... hope you've got apples to go with those blackberries

    1. I'm a crab apple tree short of some jolly nice jam...