Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Webby stuff

There has been a lot of webby work going on here at The Hookery.  It was always my intention to sell my favourite yarns and last week, the first batch of yarns arrived.

Oh, the unparallelled joy of an enourmous box of yarns arriving!  Of course, their arrival actually meant that it was time to get down to some serious work.  It dawned on me that a link back to the main Hookery site might be a sensible thing to add here, so there it is, on the right, See?  ----->

And the first of the yarn pages has begun to take shape on the site itself...

It's all still very new and lots of it has yet to be populated with 'add to basket' buttons and photos of stock, but it's slowly coming together.  It is just so exciting to see an idea that's been buried in the back of my mind for so long finally starting to take shape!

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