Sunday 1 April 2012

Wippitty WIP

It hasn't escaped my notice dear reader, that for a crochet blog, there's been very little mention of any yarn and hook action. Sorry. I have been busy making things, it's just that every so often I get to a point where I have a number of things 'on the go' and not much seems to be getting finished. It's a bit like that at the moment. I'm plugging away at a couple of blankets while design ideas for new ones keep filling my head. The ones that are in progress are a mega granny and a yarn eater.

This is the mega granny:

It's essentially one massive granny square. It's a great project to do whilst watching TV or chatting with friends as it's an easy pattern and I can quite literally do it with my eyes closed. I took it skiing with me and it was great for the evenings as it's not at all taxing (my brain doesn't always work after a day's workout on the slopes) and I could still enjoy a little apres ski beer while I worked on it.

The yarn eater is quite a different story. I've had my eye on this pattern for a while now and have decided its time has come. It could just as easily be called 'the blue air blanket'. It's a lovely pattern and fun to do but it does require some concentration and it would appear that I can't always count to eight successfully. More annoyingly, I only make mistakes at the start of the round, so by the time I notice them (when I get to the next round) I have loads to frog. You can see why the air has been a little blue at times here at The Hookery.  It's worth it though:

The yarn is from the stash, although I'm clearly going to need more, so a yarn order is in the offing (ah, well...).  I'm using Patons cotton DK in cream, grape and (I think) moss. The green is reclaimed from an earlier abandoned project, so I'm not entirely sure of the shade. 

So there you go, that's what I'm working on. What about you?

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