Monday 5 March 2012

The rest of the haul!

I said I'd pop back and show you what else I got in my swap parcel.  I was properly spoilt with a mug cozy, a very cute little amigurumi cat and a bar of chocolate as well as the snuggly gloves in my previous post.  Here's a snap of the rest of the haul...

The sharp-eyed among you will doubtless notice the lack of a bar of chocolate in the picture above.  Yes, well... it er, didn't last long enough for a photo shoot!

Many, many thanks to Lise for such wonderful gifts.

Edit: you can see what I made for my swapee here!


  1. I am so glad you liked all the items! It is funny to see the things I made on the web. Enjoy them!

  2. Cuuuuute! I love mug cosies, my mum made me a few and I have to say I do love using them as I often forget about my cuppa as I am working or crocheting!
    Thanks so much for taking part in the swap! I love the little owl you sent to Fiona! Gorgeous!