Monday 3 October 2011


I'm working from home today.  Despite working on the day job, I am surrounded by crochet.  Check out my desk:

Let me take you on a tour.  To the left there, that's mega-blanky.

If you follow my witterings on Twitter, you may have heard tell of this project.  It's one for me to keep.  Just behind mega-blanky, there's a smaller blanky which is destined for Eidelweiss when it's finished.

On the other side of my laptop, there's the tub of 'stuff with ends that need weaving in' (I know, snappy title).  Mainly cloths for Scrubbitty.

And next to that is my coffee cup.  It has a funky little plunger arrangement so I can make single mugs of 'proper' coffee.  It's also thermal, so that when I leave my coffee somewhere I shouldn't, it's still warm when I find it.

Speaking of which, the kettle has just boiled...


  1. It's good to be surrounded by crochet, I do all the time!

  2. wow , you look organised x love the crochet

  3. Oh but looks are so deceiving... I can just about manage to keep each project in its own container. More than that is a step too far!

  4. It's so tempting when working from home to just reach for that crochet hook though isn't it...?
    Love that mega blanky!