Monday, 14 June 2010

Well hello there good-lookin'!

The sharp-eyed among you may have noticed a few changes around The Hookery of late.  For a start, there has been a general crockery amnesty.  The 20-strong coffee cup cohort has finally made it off my windowsill into the kitchen sink and had a good old soak and scrub, but more exciting than my washing up - we have been redesigned!

You may remember in an earlier post about branding I was considering splitting my shop?  Well, it's been done.  And with the help of some rather snazzy graphics from Bonnita, we now have a particularly cute mouse for Eidelweiss and some cool bubbles for Scrubbitty, plus some illustrations from my Mum.  I am a happy girl.  I've even set up a Facebook page for The Hookery which will follow both shops.  It's all getting rather organised round here!

 Where the magic happens.  Tidily, of course!

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