Sunday 4 August 2013


Ugh.  Painting.  It's one of those jobs that in the abstract seems like a fun and exciting thing to do. In the actual, it's a load of faff with masking tape and undercoats and by the time you finally get to sloshing on the colour you want, you're sick of the sight of the paint roller.  Well, you are if you're me.

So far, the minty green kitchen has been transformed into a fabulous mediterranean blue and the living room is no longer pale plum with sludge brown accents, and is instead a lovely crisp green.

These were the easy rooms to decide.  There was no arguing.  Once I'd told The Beloved that magnolia was not an option, green and blue were easy to agree on.  I'm not a fan of magnolia.  He is.  As it happens, he's upstairs right now painting the bathroom magnolia because we have no choice - the tiles won't go with anything else and right now, we have enough to be getting on with without retiling the bathroom.

Anyway, I digress... so the colours for the main rooms in the house were easy to decide.  What I'm struggling with is the sewing room.  It's currently a sort of pinkish grey, which I don't really like. It's one of those colours that's neither pink nor grey and I just want it to be something, you know? Occasionally, it even looks purple. Its saving grace is that it's a good background for stock photos. I did try to look to the furnishings for inspiration, but there's too much going on.  This is what's behind me as I type...

I would really like to paint the room white and have one smack-you-in-the-face orange wall, however I just can't find an orange that I like.  They all seem either brown-ish, or peach-ish and not straight-off-the-satsuma-ish at all, which is what I'd like.  So taking it all down a tone (and bearing in mind how useful the grey-ish walls are, I'm now thinking grey with a strong (slightly mustard-y?) yellow for the wall behind my desk.

I know.  Grey.  Question is, how dark/light?  I've asked Sean, but he's not been very forthcoming.

It's currently between light rain (top left) and grey hints (top right).  I already know what shade of yellow (I just haven't got a tester to show you) and it will go with either.

What do you think?


  1. I know exactly what you mean about painting, as I too am doing a lot of it having just moved house. I hate the faffing and trying to keep the cats away from the wet walls.

    Looking at your grey choices, I like the grey hints best.

    Looking forward to seeing your finished choices.

    Happy painting!

    1. Thanks - I know what you mean about keeping the cats out of the way! so far, we've not had any 'pawprint' incidents though. The Beloved also thinks I should go for grey hints...

  2. From the picture I like the light rain. When I saw the picture of your room I could see it with a bluish gray (steel gray) for a touch of sophistication allowing all your colors to pop against the background. How funny we were thinking along the same lines. Love the colors in your main rooms, green while I like it in other people's homes it just doesn't work for me in mine. Blue, now that is everywhere.

    1. Funny isn't it, what works in one room but not another. The green just didn't do it for us in the kitchen, but it's the only colour we could imagine in the living room. Couldn't see it anywhere else in the house though!