Thursday, 27 December 2012

More yarn

I have bought more yarn. I know, quel surprise!  But this is, I hope, going to be the last batch for the ripple blanket.

They're arranged in stripe order, so that I can settle down with a cuppa and just crack on with it, with no stopping to hold it up and work out which colour to use next. I am still waiting for the red, which will break up these ice cream shades. In fact, looking at them like this, it's amazing what a difference the red makes to the palette...

I'm hoping to have it finished by 2013. I'll settle for having the main bit done with the border still to go. I'm thinking three stripes for the border: green, blue and then red to finish it off. I just can't decide whether to go for single crochets or a granny edge. What do you think?

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