Thursday, 3 May 2012

Wippitty WIP: The Mega Granny

A quick fly-by posting to show you a WIP in a teeny bit more detail.  Remember the mega granny from this post?  Well here it is in all it's glory, ready to be carted off to a friend's house tonight for a bit more attention (and pizza... and a movie...).

Yes, those are the freesias in the background.  They're whoppers now!

And closer up...

I love the way green and pink go together - a sort of gentle, spring-like palette.


  1. That looks really stunning. Love the colour combination.

  2. I absolutely adore all the photo's of your little kitties. I'm not sure if they'd like to know that the whole world can see them sleeping on your bed or in your work room, lol. I started crocheting when I became a shabby chick decor fan and love doing little projects like the cell phone covers I've been making for my mom & mom in law for the Tracfone SVC cell phones for seniors I bought them for Mothers day. You know they've got the big keys and letters on the screen ($15, $7/mnth service). The cell phone covers are pink with white roses on, for sure the mom's are going to love this personalized, feminine, pretty gift.