Sunday 27 November 2011


I am good girl when it comes to making my bed.  I do it every day.  It's just that some days, I make more of the bed than others.

Incidentally, that tatty blue blanket at the bottom of the photo is what the cats are *supposed* to sleep on...


I just don't have the heart to move a sleeping cat.


  1. I love the way cats can act like they are in the deepest sleep ever in 30 seconds.. just so that you don't move them!

  2. I swear my cats can go from frantic to comatose at the sight of a duvet!

  3. cats are simply anarchists when it comes to beds ..... "you're not allowed there" I say to them, very quietly so as not to disturb their fuzzy little dreams ..... ZZzzzzzzz they say back!