Monday, 28 March 2011


Some very helpful people have confirmed that my recent purchase is indeed a begonia.  Hurrah!  I like to know these things.  Now that I know what she is (she is clearly a she, not a he), she needs a name.  For a long time I had a busy lizzy called Audrey.  She was my university plant and once, famously, went home with a friend for the vacation.  He drove her all the way from Durham to Edinburgh seatbelted into the front seat.  Sadly, Audrey passed away shortly after I graduated when I left her at home and forgot to remind my mother to water her.

So anyway, Ms. Begonia needs a new name.  If you have any suggestions, add a comment below.  On Sunday, I'll put the entries into a hat and the winner will receive a set of Scrubbitty cloths in the colours of their choice absolutely free.  You see, it's a year since my first ever set of cloths sold on Folksy.  They've come a long way since then!  There's also 10% off everything in Scrubbitty until Midnight on Sunday, and you know, those face scrubbies would make a lovely mothers' day pampering gift for your Mum!


  1. I'll have to check if any of Audrey's descendents are still living in Edinburgh.

    Betty the Begonia?

  2. Barbara?

  3. Because of your other shops name, ( Edelweiss - where I original found your lovely cloths) I think of the sound of music ( sad I know) so I would call your pretty little begonia Maria

  4. She's a very pretty young thing, I'd call her Peaches Begonia

  5. I would call her Mona Begonia!