Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Bloom and grow

So, here's the second in the 'Folkster dedicated blog post' series.  This title was suggested by Bodkin and Bead in response to my wailing 'oh no!  someone already has a blog called Blossom of Snow!'  Anyhow, Bodkin and Bead makes some lovely stuff from some lovely fabrics - I'm quite fancying some of her buttons (see below for evidence of button fetish).

I was going to take you on a tour of the garden, but after the recent rain, everything's looking a little battered and bruised.  Instead, let's concentrate on the 'bloom' element.  I was listening to Gardeners' Question Time the other day (because I'm cool like that) and Bob Flowerdew recommended gently bending back the petals on a tulip for a really interesting effect.  Well, as there's a bunch sitting here next to me...

 I think I agree with Bob, quite spectacular from a humble tulip.

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