Friday, 3 June 2016

Dog Days and DIY

It's fair to say, we have had something of a splurge of DIY here at Hookery Towers.  I finally tackled the spare room, so that this...

Has been toned down a bit, to this...

No longer will our guests wake in the night to find a cartoon zebra (alas, just out of the shot above) giving them the eye.  It's only taken three years to get round to...

Needless to say, I had a little helper.  And by helper, I mean liability.  Darling Doris was keen to get involved and somewhat put out when she was banished to the garden.

Still, the promise of a walk with her brother was suitable recompense and given how many coats of paint were required, I needed the fresh air too.

In other news, my mind has already turned to Yarndale in September. This has been prompted by the fact that next week, the Yarn Man cometh. There is no greater fun than a visit from the yarn salesman with a carboot full of new lines.  Wahoo!  I've also been fiddling with some new crochet projects, but they'll have to wait until they reach their recipients before I can share on here. In the meantime, there's a teeny wee offer for you to brighten up your own yarn baskets (and make way for some new stuff post Yarn Man cometh-ing).

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