Sunday 24 April 2016

A reshuffle

Been a while, I know. I sort of have excuses, sort of don't. I definitely lost the crochet mojo for a while. Then I lost the yarn mojo. Though actually, I really just lost the listing mojo. I had moved the yarn over to my own website, but the hassle of listing everything, of trying to find a suitable solution for stock control that didn't cost the earth (doesn't exist) and that didn't eat up hours and hours of my time was driving me a bit nuts.

And that's what it boils down to really: time. While I was away trying to wrestle my own corner of the Internet into submission, the world moved on. I recently had cause to have a peek at Etsy again and it dawned on me that it would be quicker, cheaper and easier to list everything there. 

In a nutshell, here's why...

- I can list stock from my phone, which means I can take, edit and upload pictures without endless faffing between devices.

- I can list exactly what I have. I never found a suitable, economic solution for having oodles of yarn but different dyelots. On the old site, it was difficult and time-consuming to list. Etsy doesn't care how many listings/products I have, so long as I cough my $0.20.

- people are more likely to contact me if they are looking for something specific. Etsy's just a bit more chatty like that.

- it's a LOT cheaper overall. 

So now if you hit the 'yarn shop' link on the website, you'll find yourself on Etsy, in a shop called FromTheHookery. It's gradually filling up and I am gradually finding my way through organising everything (although at the moment, it's all rather lumped in together). In the meantime, why not pootle across and say hello? 

And if you are looking for anything in particular, do get in touch!

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  1. Welcome back. Very happy to see you again. :-)

    Good luck with the new Etsy shop.