Tuesday 25 March 2014

The Happy Happy Blanky... and associated terror!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you might have caught sight of something bright on my hook lately...

This little lovely has been a delight. Well, sort of. I started it towards the end of the summer. In fact, if you were at Yarndale on the second day, you might even have seen me working on it. It worked up pretty quickly and the colours are just a delight: bright and punchy and made to go together. They're the best of friends.

And then I ran out of yellow.

And the yarn supplier ran out of yellow.

And for AAAAAAAAGGGES, I was second on the waiting list for when yellow came back in stock.

And then it arrived. Hooray! I could crack on and finish my happy happy blanky.

Wait... that yellow... it's a different dyelot.  I can tell it's a different dyelot...

And so for a brief spell, the happy happy blanky was actually a grumbly grumbly blanky as I pulled out row after row to get back to the first row of yellow. Then I started again.

And soon I was past the point at which I had started unravelling.

And soon it became a joy again.

And then it was finished.

It's not a massive blanket, but a good size for a pram or a cot, or for tucking your toes under while watching TV.

It's worked up with a 7mm hook and Rico Creative Cotton Aran. The larger-than-recommended hook means that the blanket has a brilliant floppiness and flappiness, or 'drape'. It's also deliciously squidgey.

So why the terror? Ah, well. I might have gone and written it up as a pattern and I might have gone and listed said pattern for sale. It's available on Etsy and Folksy in either UK or US terms, whichever you prefer.

My first pattern for sale.  Eek!

I made copious notes while I was working on it and I've read and better read the final version. I've even remade it in miniature to check the border instructions.  The pattern includes a tutorial for the stitch with pictures and everything.

There's something really quite nerve-wracking about it though!


  1. Bright but very, very gorgeous! I'm sure it will be popular, I just need to learn how to crochet now!

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  3. Congratulations on publishing your first pattern!