Wednesday 29 January 2014


It's been a bit grey here of late. In fact, we've had some spectacular foggy mornings. I like fog. Admittedly, it makes the commute a little more er...interesting, but it has a similar quality to snow in that it somehow quietens everything and makes it seem still and peaceful, even as you're whipping along the M1 in the commuter traffic.  Of course, one problem with dark foggy mornings which clear into prematurely dark afternoons is that there's not much light to photograph things in. I did promise you the chance to give the recent granny blanket a proper ogling, but so far, no pics. Sorry! 

In other news, and possibly related to the prevalence of fog, I have finally bought paint for the sewing room. Grey. Not the purple-y grey that I inherited (see below), but just plain grey. In fact, imagine the colour of the wall in the pic below, but without the purple-y tones.

These are egg cosies, by the way. I am already thinking of Easter. I have even managed to list them. Next up on the making list is more rabbits (do you remember Bunner from a couple of years ago? I'm hoping he'll make a reappearance in the new shop). And I'm still plodding on with the baby jumper pattern - it was road-tested on a real baby at the weekend, so they'll be in the shop soon too!

Oh, and there has been a birthday.

Yes, again.

It doesn't feel all that long since the last one.

Surely not a whole year?

Ah well, these are taking the edge off the shock...

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  1. Happy belated Birthday Claire! Egg cosies are looking great!