Monday 12 August 2013

A hive of activity

You know I have that lovely sewing room?  A place to fill with all my yarn and crochet hooks and sewing stuff?  Yes, well, now that the living room has been painted, it's just too tempting so there has been a bit of er... overspill...

It's been quite a productive place to work, as it turns out.

Lavender bags are made and bagged up ready for listing, cot blankets are flying off the hook, and there's even been a little experimenting with covered hangers.

I do like having a box/basket/tub/bucket to keep a project in, don't you?  The tray above was an impulse-buy from Ikea, but it's great for lining up yarn, keeping bits together and, in the case of lavender bags which have a series of little stages, setting up a mini production line. It also fits comfortably on a sofa arm.  In fact, I'd say it's an essential part of any roaming crocheter's kit!


  1. Love your projects, the granny square blankest are so cute for a little one. It's hard not to sit in a room that feels homey and relaxing and craft there.

  2. It still looks very organised. The yarn and I have claimed all free surfaces in the lounge for our own. Mwhahahaha!