Monday, 25 March 2013

Mr Blackbird

We've had some funny old snow this weekend. It hasn't stuck to the roads or to my yard, but the hedgerows, trees and fields are laden with it and it's drifted in strange corrugated mounds all along the verges to give the roads a sort of frilly edge.  Pretty as it is, it means the birds have had to be more daring than usual in their search for a meal.

I have a window bird feeder which the birds take advantage of in the early mornings (when cat #2 is not allowed outside). It's usually pretty quiet during the day, with the exception of Christopher Robin and Jenny Wren who are fearless and think nothing of chirping insults at cat #2.  This weekend I had a new visitor.

He'd start off in the big snowy tree back there, checking that cat #2 wasn't around. Then nonchalantly hop along the fence, edging closer to the kitchen window.

One last check to make sure the coast was clear and...

...WUMPH!  Dart in to the feeder, gobble down a few suet pellets and snatch a mouthful to take back to the tree.

In other news, I spent a lot of time sitting on the kitchen floor this weekend, holding my camera as still as possible over the kitchen sink. At one point, both arms were rather numb.

How was your weekend?


  1. Dare I ask why you were sitting on the floor, rather than standing or sitting in a chair, to take pictures of your kitchen sink?

    1. You can see me from the window if I stand or sit on a chair. Mr Blackbird is shy. I guess that makes me a sort of avian paparazzi...