Wednesday 20 February 2013


They're absolutely irresistible, aren't they? Those bright, colourful bunches of daffodils that are in all the shops at the moment. I don't think I've had a trip into town lately and not come home with a bunch. In the living room, there's a rather elegant bunch with long stems and leaves

They provide a nice splash of colour against such grey skies.

In the kitchen, there's a more rowdy bunch, which positively glow in the afternoon light.

An inevitably, there's the bunch that I buy but have nothing to put them in. Thankfully, I never throw away a jam jar...

But a jam jar is a poor second to the nice vase that the others are sitting in, so...

With a little help from cat #2...


Much better!


  1. Your daffodils are gorgeous. I love the color yellow, especially this time of year when I long for a full day of sun.

  2. Oh my! I do love daffodils. I haven't seen any here yet, but soon, I'm certain. :-)

  3. ooohh you clever thing you, what a great idea, I didn't know cats could crochet!!

  4. Haha, yep, busted! It's actually all Hector, I just manage the blog... :)

    I'm still waiting for the 50 or so bulbs I planted in all the garden pots to burst into flower, then it will really feel like Spring. Until then, I'm making do with indoor colour.