Friday, 1 February 2013

Slow Living 2013 - January

I'm delighted to see that Christine is keeping this going through 2013. I kind of fell off the wagon at the end of last year and there was no December SL post. Mainly because there wasn't much to report. We filled the fridge, locked the door and spent Christmas eating and watching iPlayer.  Anyway, January... (as usual, I've skipped the headings that I have nothing for)


January is always a curious month food-wise. I always find I'm watching the pennies but have cupboards overflowing with indulgences like chocolates and Christmas cakes. I have not lived exclusively on these however. Honest. There have been some nice homemade soups, quite a lot of baking and for my lunch today, there are some homemade sausage rolls in my lunchbox.


It's been tricky to grow anything this month. Well, anything to eat. The cottage positively reeks of hyacinth though!


The Beloved and I are in the midst of house-hunting. He has made a real effort to clear through lots and lots of stuff. Having moved house last year, I'm still feeling pretty trim in this department. I don't have much space for books in the cottage though, so I have bought an eReader. We'll see how I get on with that. I don't actually reread books very often at all, so I do sometimes feel a little bit guilty about all that paper (for which trees have died) just sitting there on the shelf.  Or in a number of boxes in The Beloved's spare room, as they are now...

I am also trying to reduce the yarn stash. I'll be honest, it's been a bit half-hearted so far...


It's been a pretty creative month, January. I have surprised myself. I finished the ripple blanket, started two knitting projects and have been hopping from one crochet project to another (more about those soon).


In the course of starting two knitting projects, I treated myself to Learn to Knit, Love to Knit after seeing a review of it on another blog ages ago which really stuck in my mind for some reason. Although I haven't actually made anything from the book yet, it has been an enlightening and instructive read so far.  I am resisting the urge to jump in at the back and make a fairisle tanktop. I suspect it might end like the time I tried to teach myself to knit by making socks...


It's been an enjoyable month. I like January. Some people hate it, but I like it's shiny new-ness and the sense of a new year stretching out ahead of you full of promise. And it usually snows in January. I love snow. I need a good dose of it at the start of the year just for that moment when you wake up and see a pristine, crisp white world outside. It reinforces the sense of a new beginning somehow.


At the start of the year, I decided against one big resolution for the year. Instead, I'm going to make little changes each month and set my self little challenges, all with the goal of generally moving life along on the more positive side of things.  I think I'll record them on the end of these SL posts.  January's resolutions were to knit more and eat fewer biscuits. Well, knit I did. I haven't bought any biscuits either. There may have been a batch or two of homemade ones, but they don't count, do they...?

February's resolution is to lose half a stone. Seven measly pounds. I can do this. I can.


  1. I am in awe of your ripple blanket, it is so gorgeous

  2. Good luck house hunting. I haven't bought an ereader yet, just haven't wanted to put the money out on it, but have stopped buying books as I also want to reduce the amount of paper being used. Right now I'm using the library almost exclusively, although I do have a few books from the local used bookstore where I took two boxes of books I saved from going in the dumpster from a neighbor and received $118 in store credit!

    Oh and I still love your blanket!

  3. I'm with Natalie, your blanket is amazing!!

    Have been pondering over an e-reader too...still contemplating though..not quite ready. Have a great month, Claire! :)

  4. Ohh I love the photo of your house in the snow - it looks so magical! (We just don't get that down here in Australia!)

  5. I agree. I love your snowy view. And I also agree, that everything is so fresh and clean with a new blanket of snow.

    Good luck with your house hunting!

  6. Thank you all :) Alas, the snow has gone now, so we're just left with brown. Brown fields, brown hedges, brown gardens. Still cold though, so still wrapped in the blanket (whilst mooching through houses online).

  7. Its amazing, that blanket - and I love the twinkle lights on the bead head too! And isn't January a bad month for having a house full of foods that you don't want to eat??? Im with you for the resolutions for the year - I call them tweaks. This month I'm trying to increase my exercise from once a week to three times a week. And No of course home made biscuits dont count. You use up so many calories making them that it becomes neutral or even negative depending on how long it takes to make them (and how many you give away!) have a great month! - Kara xx