Sunday, 2 December 2012

Slow Living 2012 - November

It's been another very quiet month here at The Hookery. Not so busy on the slow living front, but little bits here and there. And every little helps, right?


I put my baking apron back on this month and there has been a near constant stream of ginger cake.  I came across a recipe for pear and ginger pudding in Country Living Magazine and have been a tad hooked on it. I missed one of the ingredients out the first time I made it (the milk) and ended up with pear and ginger brownie. I wasn't disappointed!

There's also a recipe for pear and cheese tarts, which I also made and recommend. The leftover pastry made sausage rolls which I'll also be making again. It's been a month of good eating!


Another month without stocking up on anything. Unless presents count? I did my Christmas shopping a while ago and appear to have presents for me leftover...


More work on the ripple, more baubles, some cross stitch and quite a few catnip mice...


More of a rediscovery actually, but lately I've been working on something from a book of French style cross stitch. I bought it a while ago after drooling over it in a bookshop and doing that page-stroking thing for long enough that the store assistants started looking at me funny. I finally sat down to make something from it (more about that later, it's a present for a friend, so you're not allowed to see it before she does) and it was a  delight. Also, don't tell anyone, but it was really quite enjoyable to do something other than crochet for a bit. A change is as good as a rest, eh?


This month was the month for what has become an annual pre-Christmas get together with some friends. We usually pick a town or city and descend for a couple of days, but this time we had it here in my wee cottage. It was very cosy, with lots of card games, a frosty morning walk, plenty of tea and cake and good company. It was lovely to have the cottage full of laughter, chatter and friends and to be honest, it feels a bit empty now...

So there you go. Not the busiest slow living month, but a very enjoyable one nonetheless. Don't forget, you can catch up with lots of other slow living posts over at the slow living blog.


  1. I have what borders on an obsession over cross stitch patterns, and have a few lined up for the slower winter months to complete.

    1. I was amazed at how absorbing an activity it was. I haven't really done much cross stitching since I was at school, but I'm already trying to decide which one to do next...!

  2. Your month sounds lovely... and look at that blue sky. I didn't think that happened in the UK. ;-)

    I love your mouse and I'm envious of your ginger cake... going to have to look that one up.